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Para asistencia en espaƱol, llame a (831) 425-8600.

Want to file a Title VI Discrimination Complaint or ADA 504 Complaint (please first read our Policy) or request assistance with Accessible Information?

To get started, Open a New Ticket and select a Topic.

Your submission will be assigned a unique ticket number, and you may choose your preference to be contacted by email, phone, or not contacted at all.

In order to receive a confirmation email, or have the ability to Check Ticket Status, you must provide your valid email address at the time of opening each ticket.

You may also call our Customer Service Call Center (831) 425-8600 during business hours to open a ticket on your behalf.

For reporting on bus operators please select the "Bus Operator Feedback" Help topic.

What happens after opening a ticket?

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve your public transit system.

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